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Exercise and Fitness Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Read about the success stories from some of our happy customers.

My overall strength and general fitness have improved so much in only a few months. Di knows exactly how to motivate and push me to reach my goals.

The training environment is fun and I never felt bored in any of the sessions, thanks to the varied and challenging workouts. I cant recommend Di highly enough.

Finbarr Toesland January 2018 

Di is a brilliant personal trainer who always pushes me further than I think is initially possible. I love our sessions and with her help I have lost nearly four stone in the space of eight months in a sustainable and healthy way. She is friendly, funny and makes training enjoyable. I have never felt this good about myself and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Thank you Di 

Fran Ward April 2017 (original review can be found on our face book page)

With almost no aftercare available in Thailand where I live, a serious car accident 14 months ago, proved beyond doubt that I was in need of some pretty intensive physiotherapy for 2 broken wrists. I was advised by my daughter in the UK to contact whom she had found through the internet. I did so, but after describing my injuries, Di was convinced I would need more physical care here in Thailand. Care of this nature is not available and returning to UK was not an option. After much pleading, Di reluctantly decided to give it a go, long distance.

Di then commenced to give me excellent advice, simple video exercises on line, follow-up appraisals and encouragement. Slowly, the physio I was receiving, began to work and within 3 months, one wrist was working almost normally. Di continued to work with my other wrist and as of today, is working to almost 98% of its capability, and improving almost daily.

I cannot speak too highly of this wonderful lady who took a very controversial decision to help me, provide everything I needed to actually guide me back to full health, from a distance of approximately 10,000Kms.

Thank you Di – you have a special place in my heart, but I also hope, tongue in cheek, (for obvious reasons), that I never have need for your services again!!

It was good to actually meet you last May on my return home to visit family. Thank you once again”

My very warmest wishes to you,

Peter Gwynn 10th July 2016

So far, I have lost 2 stone in weight and I want this to be sustained. Whilst my weight fluctuates slightly, we are working hard for this to become my bodies preferred weight. I drink less, I have changed what I eat and when I eat it and exercise regularly. It is all a part of the journey to make me the healthier person that I know I can be.

I have not been able to do this alone and Di has been the support and encouragement that I have needed to sustain me. I would recommend Di because she works with you as an individual, she understands what makes you tick, how far to push and has got me to a point that I wouldn’t have believed possible when I started. She will tell you what you need to hear in a genuine way. I may not always like what she says but I know that I need to hear it and that she really does have my best interest at heart.

I have dealt with many other trainers in my professional and social life and Di has that something extra, she cares for her Clients and takes a genuine interest in all of them. A text of encouragement, a call to make sure that you are ok after a heavy session, are all a part of what makes her stand out from the rest. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
Thanks for everything.

Andrew Kelsey – 29 February 2016

I have used the gym for years but my workouts had became quite boring and it didn’t seem to be making much of a difference ….. Then I found out about these programs that I could download and use at the gym. I’ve suddenly found that the gym is fun again and I’m working muscles that my usual regime wasn’t affecting! I highly recommend these programs as I am now doing a workout that helps me focus on the problem areas and I’m delighted with the results!!

Sharon Conroy – 26 February 2016

“Fast-approaching 40 with hyper-mobility syndrome, fibromyalgia and a rapidly-expanding waistline, things couldn’t have looked much worse. I couldn’t get up from the floor, even getting out of a chair was difficult, walking was painful and I couldn’t do the things I wanted to with my own children. I knew exactly what I wanted in a personal trainer and to be honest, Di is all those things and more! After 10-ish weeks I’m stronger, healthier and happier. I’m even training like a “normal” non fibro client now!! I can’t recommend Di enough, she has given me my life back! Thanks Di.”

Nicola Massey

“I went to visit Di with a persistent shoulder pain looking for exercises to relieve it. I was surprised when she actually said it was because of my legs! She really knows her stuff and after just 4 sessions I had seen a huge improvement. On the first session alone she managed to get most of the shoulder pain sorted and I am now pain free – amazing! Even more amazing is that I am actually now enjoying doing regular exercise.”
Claire McFaddon

“I took my 12 year-old son to see Diane as he was having a few issues with children. Diane taught him the skills to be confident about himself and to stand up to the bully’s not let them walk all over him. He also learnt how to conduct himself in sticky situations. It was very emotional but a relief at the same time. Diane was very kind and put us at ease straight away. She also spoke the truth. She understood what was happening and how it was affecting his school work. We have turned a corner his school work has come on leaps and bounds. We have come a long way in a short space of time. Thanks to Diane.”
Leisa Pring

“I had a pain in my left leg, I could not walk more than 100yds without sitting down. When my wife and I were at the Commonwealth Games I had to use a wheelchair to get round the stadium. My first visit was free (to find out if they could help me) and after a false start Holly gave me some exercises to do twice a day for two weeks. On my third visit she increased the number of exercises. After that – “wow”, no pain, walking as normal. It was a trapped nerve. I had to be fairly fit to do the exercises. THANKS.”
Ernest Miller

“I’ve been working with Di for several months now following my redundancy in 2014. Her common sense but caring approach has been a life-saver for me. She began by getting my body back in to alignment after years spent at a desk and has then worked on my strength and flexibility, meaning I’m now in better shape than I have been for years. Di also coached me with more psychological issues and has been a huge help in getting me through some difficult months. I can’t recommend Di highly enough.”
Sarah Murphy

“Turned my life around. Di can help anyone with anything, from writers block and sporting problems to weight loss and mental health problems. She’s a legend!”
Alison Colville

“I went to Di to help me improve my squash. It helped enormously to think outside the box (unintended pun) as well as having expert training and encouragement on power and strength. Having relied previously on just playing more squash to improve, Di showed me how other elements give results. The last 3 months have literally turned my game around and I have a new-found focus. Both of which I credit to Di. Thanks. :)”
Laura Campbell

“I received a set of exercise sessions as a Christmas present, and I kept them up afterwards because the beneficial effects were so noticeable. Even without doing much in-between visits, the postural and muscular improvements in my “before” and “after” photographs were striking. Di knows exactly which routines are appropriate for me, and exactly how hard to push me and how much to encourage me while I’m doing them. If only there was a sauna to relax in afterwards, it would be perfect!”
Jim Mason

I have been on the weight-loss programme with Di since December 2012 and have been thrilled with the results so far. I have lost a significant amount of weight with more to go, and am much more mobile and fitter than I’ve been for 20 years. I really feel 20 years younger. I have always hated the gym but I have surprised myself by looking forward to my sessions with Di.”
Sarah Jones

“I have been using Di as my health coach since April 2011 and she is helping me to achieve my weight loss and fitness ambitions. Di is a great motivator, and I really value our coaching and personal training sessions. Di has helped me to understand my body in terms of exercise and diet, without dieting! Her advice is tailored to me and she is very careful to make sure the goals we set are are achievable, ‘do-able’ and can be maintained. Since working with Di I now understand how to control my eating habits to complement my lifestyle and exercise routines. Di has helped me to lose weight and most importantly inches! Thanks to Di I feel the most confident I have ever felt with the way I look and I now really enjoy pushing my exercise thresholds!”
Parisha Mistry

“I cannot thank Di enough for the amazing transformation my life has taken! Every decision I make is so much clearer and the future is very exciting indeed. I am growing more and more as a person each day, and its all down to you, Di. I truly believe anything is possible. Thank you so much.”
Paul Warr

“The sessions I had with Di were very helpful in helping me appraise my existing diet and identify why I was not loosing weight. The advise was simple and has proven to be effective. I am motivated to continue with the changes as I am seeing the benefits.”
Kirsty North

“I have been going to Active Aims for about 6 months now and can thoroughly recommend it, I have never felt better. I am enjoying the new positive attitude I have to life, I’m loving exercising for the first time ever, and loosing weight which is great.Thanks Di for everything you’ve done for me.”
Carla Chappell

“Di really knows her stuff! She has a lifetime’s experience of helping people achieve their goals! Keep up the good work!”
Chris Forge

“Active Aims has given my daughter time to reflect on her performance and strategies for improvement. It has given her the confidence to analyse and be self-motivated.”

“It was with some trepidation that I asked Di for a health check. She had performed a short talk at an event I attended, and I had some idea what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the in-depth approach I found. What first strikes me is Di’s personable character. All news, good or otherwise, is presented in a friendly and positive way.

Next is her clear expertise in both technical and psychological aspects of her work. The session didn’t just involve tape-measures and scales, there were lifestyle questions to make me think about stress, avoidance and other factors that may affect my health.The technical equipment fascinated me –  who knew I had a 7-stone skeleton!

I was happy to find out that I am healthier than I thought in some respects. Of the areas where I could do better, one I already knew about and another became obvious during our session. Both areas came back with positive recommendations, and easy to achieve goals to improve them – goals which I have put into place and stuck to.

I would recommend Di in an instant for a professional and approachable service that really goes way beyond anything you would get from your local physician or bathroom scales.

Many thanks, Di.
Stuart Carter, Director – The Business Portrait Company

Active Aims