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Weight Loss at our Loughborough Clinic or Online

What does it take to lose weight? And why would you choose one weight loss programme over another?

We believe that fad diets don’t work, we also believe that if you really want to lose weight and keep it off then you can achieve it. The first question is how much do you want to lose those extra pounds?

Go on – rate yourself from 1-5. Here’s the scale:

  • 1 = I want to lose weight but I’m not sure I want to make the effort.
  • 2 = I want to lose weight and I will give it a try.
  • 3 = I really want to lose weight and will try anything.
  • 4 = I am determined to lose weight but I am worried that I have failed before.
  • 5 = I am determined to lose weight and will do whatever it takes.

The language you use to determine your commitment plays a huge part in your success, from the above examples can you see the difference between desire and commitment?

Commitment Vs. Motivation!

So what is the difference between commitment and motivation? Well, commitment is your drive to succeed and it is our mission to keep you focused on your commitment. Motivation will come and go in an instance. When motivation is with you then weight loss is easy, but when the motivation to stay on track slips then commitment has to be the driving force. Understanding and developing the mind-set you need to succeed is part of our psychological approach to weight loss.

Lifestyle Analysis

Having determined whether you are in the right psychological place to take part in a weight loss programme, we then move onto a more detailed understanding of how you live your life. A lifestyle analysis will help both you and I to gain a clear perspective of your habits and day-to-day living. Data is collected to highlight the following areas – food, rest, exercise, sleep patterns, job, activity, alcohol consumption plus fluid intake. All of these factors contribute to both weight gain and weight loss.

One thing to remember is that life is for living, so a drastic and radical change to your existing lifestyle is not a consideration, we would look to assess options which are realistic and sustainable.

Physical Function

Prior to anyone beginning an exercise prescription, we ensure that they are in a fully fit state to begin, we therefore carry out a complete functional assessment, to look at movement. This is a series of body weight tests, which will help us to identify any muscle imbalances, tight over-active muscles, weak inactive muscles, poor posture and gait.

Statistical data for weight, height, blood pressure, fat percentage and lean mass are also required to provide us with the whole picture of your functional health.

Once we have a complete overview then we can start your personalised programme prescription, which is based entirely on your results.

Frequency and Cost

Recommended frequency of sessions is dependant on your lifestyle analysis and current activity / exercise levels. The content of the sessions are also dependant on your mindset.

We are in the very advantageous position of being able to offer many different personal training options. A mix of 1:1 personal training and Fit Friends 1:4 small group training, is extremely cost effective and provides exercise frequency and continuity as well a focused personal training. Why not look at our full range of personal training options

For more information or to arrange a free consultation, call our Loughborough clinic on 01509 437765  (please do leave a message as we are often with clients)

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