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The Positive Effect of Exercise for Obese People

It’s not always easy taking responsibility for your own health, but did you know that if you exercise at a moderate intensity for 1/2 – 1 hour every day, then the risk of many diseases is dramatically reduced?

Take a look at this video. Go on – give me 10 minutes of your time to understand how you can improve your health and feel better about yourself.

To get results, you probably need to explore your mindset / thoughts as well as addressing your over all lifestyle.

Here is where we might start:

We sit down together and explore what your lifestyle habits look like currently, we will explore your thought processes, especially those associated with food, consumption of food, activity and your mindset in association with these aspects.

Once we have an understanding of how you think, then we can start to address a practical approach to changing health behaviours and habits. I usually apply a combined approach of mindset sessions and exercise prescription.

You will need lots of support, understanding and encouragement this is normal, but you can do it we are renowned to helping our clients achieve excellent results, which are positively life changing.

You can change your body and your life for as little as £90 / month with our flexible personal training options.

To arrange a free consultation at our studio and clinic, email or call 07973 782647.