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Diet and Nutrition at our Loughborough clinic

A balanced diet provides the nutrients and energy you need to lead an active and healthy life. Our Loughborough clinicians can provide dietary advice for athletes, weight loss or just to improve your health.

Healthy dietary plans include five different food groups. These are:

  • Starchy foods such as rice, pasta, bread and potatoes, choosing wholegrain ones wherever possible.
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Proteins – meat, fish, beans, pulses, eggs
  • Dairy foods – milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt
  • Fats and sugars, although this group should be of very small portions.

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is not, in theory, difficult to achieve, so we might ask ourselves, why do so many people struggle with their diet? The survey carried out in our Loughborough clinic, revealed the following:

  • Perception of the quantity of food they need to eat is often larger than the reality.
  • Eating too quickly doesn’t allow the brain and stomach to recognise when you have had enough food.
  • People eat when they are really just thirsty.
  • Most people eat irregularly.
  • Waiting until you are ravenous before you eat may tempt plate loading and rapid consumption.
  • If too much food is placed on the plate you might feel obligated to finish it all even if you have eaten enough.
  • Most people don’t plan meals ahead – so when they are hungry, just grab the easiest food to eat.

The only accurate way of adjusting your food is to find out exactly what your current diet and lifestyle consist of. If you are serious about changing your health behaviour, complete a lifestyle diary for four consecutive days.

Exploring and understanding your energy intake and output can be the first steps to organising your diet to meet your lifestyle requirements.

Please download our lifestyle analysis, complete it, and be honest with yourself:

Lifestyle Diary

For more information on eating well, click here to download our Eat Well Guide

Kick the fad diet and remove the guilt trips; sort out a permanent nutritious diet that suits you and live your life.

Active Aims will work with you to analyse your diet, taking into consideration food and fluid intake, quantity, time of meals, calorie expenditure and other factors we can help you to work out a plan.

Our dietary plans are based on a sensible eating programme – not fad dieting!

You can also gain access to FREE recipes and workouts by registering with Active Aims, all recipes include nutritional values and calories per portion.

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