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Fit For Work: Physical Function

In today’s environment it is common to see altered movement patterns which may have a number of route causes: repetitive movements, long periods of sitting are two good examples.

However, once we have dysfunction in one part of the human movement system then there is often a knock-on effect to other areas of movement. When movement patterns are dysfunctional, muscles become out of balance, (one set of muscles become tight, the opposite ones often weak), resulting in injury. This can cause workplace absenteeism and more expense for the business.

Identify Muscle Imbalances

Part of our functional assessment is to test your movement. This is a series of simple tests highlighting any muscles which maybe tight and those which maybe weak.

Upper Crossed Syndrome

We can provide individual assessments to identify muscle imbalances and potential musculoskeletal issues, which may result in discomfort or injury.

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

We all know that high blood pressure can be related to a number of hidden issues, some being stress, poor lifestyle, weight-related or just genetic. Checking blood pressure is a quick and easy way to identify other possible underlying issues.

Heart rate is another useful gauge of health and fitness. The lower your resting heart rate the fitter and stronger your heart is.

Body Composition

Carrying excessive weight can also cause ill health, and lack of movement contributes greatly to weight gain. We can check your fat percentage, lean tissue and basal metabolic age – all really good indicators of overall health. Obesity is the main contributing factor for many metabolic diseases and heart conditions.

Lifestyle Analysis

Recognition of lifestyle factors which might contribute to ill health – over a period of time our habits become ingrained and part of our life. Analysis of lifestyle helps to identify where health behaviours can be improved.

A Healthy Team is a Performing Team

We can work with your business to improve health and performance. Online personal training includes personalised workout programmes, dietary advice, nutritional plans and menus. Your team can improve their health, become fitter and more active.

Take a look at our online training programmes today.