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A Healthy Workforce

The benefits of being healthy are well-documented, but did you know that a healthy team is far more likely to be a productive team?

Online personal training for your staff can help improve their health and your productivity.

Your company will have their own online personal training page which your team is able to access – this is your resource centre, for weight loss, exercise / corrective programming and stress management.

Every week we will send you and your employees a newsletter packed with healthy idea’s, recipes, menu’s, exercises and challenges.

Here is an example of what is included in a business online personal training package:

Safe and effective exercise programming, indoor, outdoor or at the gym. Increasing activity levels has a positive effect on mood, focus and motivation.

Example programme

Stress can be a workplace issue, which often results in poor physical and psychological health. Some common problems include illness, moodswings and reduction in performance.

Changing the way you think changes the way you behave. We can help you understand which triggers are responsible for the stress you experience and work with you to develop a mindset to handle stress more effectively.

Weight loss has a profound effect on confidence and self esteem. Our weight loss programmes are a combination of mindset change, exercise programming plus improved diet and nutrition.

Workplace injuries, such as back, hip, neck or shoulder pain can occur from repetitive movements or from sitting for long periods of time. Our corrective exercise programming will help you maintain posture by strengthening weak muscles and stretching the opposite tighter ones.

Periformis roll

Online Personal Training for Your Team

A cost-effective way of ensuring your team gets a comprehensive health and fitness plan.

£59/ month for up to 100 members.

If you think that your company might like to invest in the health of your employees then please call Loughborough (01509) 218700, 07973 782 647 or email