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Online Personal Trainer (Option 2)

This personal training package is supported via unlimited email access.

  • Once you have subscribed to online personal training, you will receive and email to acknowledge your subscription, with this package we will also need to book a telephone call to introduce ourselves.
  • I set you up a personalised web page, which only you can access via a password.
    On the page will be some initial tests and measurements for you to take, having an initial starting point will help us all to recognise and monitor your progression.
  • There is also a lifestyle analysis for you to complete, so that we get an understanding of your lifestyle habits.
  • You will need to complete our ParQ this gives us any details about your health and medication.
    Once we have all these details you are good to go and your programme prescription can be designed.
  • Your programme prescription will be sent to you via email or you can download it from your personal webpage.
  • Your page will also be uploaded with recipes and menu’s to help you eat well, along with any other information you might need to attain your goal.
  • There is also a members forum, where you can ask and answer questions, plus gain access to additional training video’s and challenges on You Tube.
  • Keep in touch as much as you can via email.
  • Your training programmes are updated monthly to keep your programme fresh and avoiding plateau. There are also supportive video’s for when an exercise seems complicated.

Setting up your web page, analysing your lifestyle diary, ParQ and initial tests does take some time, but it means that your programme is personalised and based on your results and lifestyle. To cover these costs an initial charge of £30 will be made, after that your monthly fee will be £15

£30.00 setup fee, then £15.00 per monthSign Up


Compare the benefits of each product

  Telephone/Online Training Email/Online Training Health & Fitness 6 Week Plan HEAL App
Forum Yes Yes Yes Yes
Telephone support Yes      
Email support Yes Yes    
Lifestyle analysis Yes Yes Yes  
Personalised web page Yes Yes    
Video exercise plans Yes Yes Yes Yes
Print off exercise plans Yes Yes Yes  
E book health and fitness guide     Yes  
Menu’s and recipes Yes Yes Yes  
Dietary and health guidelines Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cost £40/month £15/month £5 one off fee £1

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