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Health & Fitness 6 Week Plan

This training programme is ideal for those who want to work on leading a healthier lifestyle. It tackles the five main aspects of health.

This is brought as a one off package and isn’t supported via email or telephone, however you do have access to Active Aims forum, where you can ask questions about training, activity, health, diet and general lifestyle. The forum is accessible to all our members and members can also support each other.

This 6 week health and fitness plan includes:

  • An E-book outlining the 5 main lifestyle habits which promote positive health.
  • A lifestyle diary to document your current lifestyle and health behaviours.
  • Outdoor workout video
  • Indoor workout video
  • Gym based workout video
  • HIIT (High intensity interval training) video
  • Pdf print off version of workouts (outside video exception)
  • Recipes and menu’s
  • Training guidelines
  • Progress diary, to help you map your achievements and identify barriers for change.

The aim of this programme is to help you make healthy lifestyle options and for these to become part of your everyday habits. It is also ideal for those who would like to drop some weight or improve their fitness levels.

This health and fitness plan has a one off cost of £5 and is accessible for 12 weeks.

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Compare the benefits of each product

Telephone/Online Training Email/Online Training Health & Fitness 6 Week Plan HEAL App
Forum Yes Yes Yes Yes
Telephone support Yes
Email support Yes Yes
Lifestyle analysis Yes Yes Yes
Personalised web page Yes Yes
Video exercise plans Yes Yes Yes Yes
Print off exercise plans Yes Yes Yes
E book health and fitness guide Yes
Menu’s and recipes Yes Yes Yes
Dietary and health guidelines Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cost £40/month £15/month £5 one off fee £1

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