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Corporate Personal Training and Wellbeing

A healthy, fit workforce is more likely to be productive. When you sign up for this online package, please nominate one person to make contact for the group. It will be this person with whom we liaise.

This corporate package includes:

  • Group personalised health and fitness page, this will be constantly updated with recipes, menu’s, healthy eating tips and lunch ideas.
  • Provide tips and strategies for reducing stress.
  • Some group members, maybe interested in a weight loss programme – which we can tailor to meet the needs of the group or individuals.
  • Provide corrective exercise training for injuries which occur from being seated for long periods of time.
  • Every team member will also have access to ready made, easy to understand exercise programmes, for indoor, outdoor and the gym. Using some simple tests you can choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced.
  • Exercise programmes will be changed on a regular basis to avid plateau.
  • Your personal trainer is accessible via email to answer any questions you may have of a personal nature pertaining to your health and fitness regime.
  • Each member will also receive a motivational health and fitness news letter every week.
£50 set-up, then £59/month. For up to 100 employeesEmail to Sign Up