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Online Personal Trainer (PT) Options

For those of you who don’t have the time or means to visit us in person, don’t worry. We also offer a range of interactive telephone, email and web-based online personal training programmes, giving you the flexibility to exercise in a location of your choice or workout with a friend. Take a look below to see what we offer.

Online Personal Trainer Option 1

Interactive telephone, email and web based personal training programme. This subscription gives you the next best thing to having a personal trainer with you. When you sign up, you book a telephone call, during that call we get to know each other and you give me details of your goals and expectations.

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Online Personal Trainer Option 2

Interactive email and web based personal training programme. This subscription is ideal for busy people, who are self motivated and / or train with friends.

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6 Week Weight Loss Plan

A weekly step-by-step approach to losing weight. This plan is a kick-start and many aspects of this programme will need to be practiced over a long period of time before they actually become part of your lifestyle habits.

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Corporate Personal Training and Wellbeing

A healthy, fit workforce is more likely to be productive. When you sign up the group will get personalised health and fitness packages, constantly updated with recipes, exercise programmes, healthy eating tips and lunch ideas.

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Exercise Prescription: Exercise Downloads

Exercise programmes to suit your workout environment, choose from Outdoor, Indoor or Gym programmes. You can then choose a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level for each programme. If you are not sure of your level, take a look at the exercise charts and see where your current level of fitness might be.

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HEAL (Health, Exercise, Activity and Living)

Mobile App, designed to improve lifestyle habits and based on the five main aspects of health. This app is ideal for those who would like to lose weight and gain a better work/health balance.

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Compare the benefits of each product

Telephone/Online Training Email/Online Training Health & Fitness 6 Week Plan HEAL App
Forum Yes Yes Yes Yes
Telephone support Yes
Email support Yes Yes
Lifestyle analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalised web page Yes Yes
Video exercise plans Yes Yes Yes Yes
Print off exercise plans Yes Yes Yes
E book health and fitness guide Yes
Menu’s and recipes Yes Yes Yes
Dietary and health guidelines Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cost £40/month £15/month £5 one off fee FREE

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