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Musculoskeletal workshops

Typically a 3 hour interactive workshop, to identify joint misalignment and muscle imbalances which can cause physical injury.

Delivered by either a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist we explore how habits can result in physical change. Sometimes this is subtle and not noticed until, either headaches, backache and other joint pain becomes apparent.

Most people have some kind of musculoskeletal disorder, whether its poor range of movement, an inability to balance, or difficulty in performing simple movement patterns like squatting.

The focus of the workshop is for all participants to identify physical limitations and understand how to perform rehabilitation techniques on themselves. You will be amazed at how a simple routine involving self massage, stretching and strengthening can solve musculoskeletal issues which cause discomfort and often result in days lost at work.

This workshop includes support material:

  • Work book to record results of tests
  • Personalised, rehabilitation programme.
  • Rehabilitation videos.

If you are interested in these workshops please email or call 01509 437765