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Counselling & Workplace Stress

Everyone suffers from stress and anxiety at some point in their lives, it can cost companies millions in lost work days due to illness.

In a nutshell, stress is pressure that the mind perceives it cannot manage. We have an innate inbuilt stress response, which prepares the body for fight, flight or freeze.

The chemicals produced to keep us safe, cause high heart rate, rapid breathing, peripheral vision, redirection of blood, increased blood sugar and other physical responses. Obviously, our bodies can’t cope with these changes for long periods of time.

Under actual life-threatening circumstances, (car crash, fights etc.) once the stressful situation is under control the chemicals reduce and the body returns to normal.

However, often everyday issues are not life-threatening, but a combination of unhelpful thoughts, perceptions of an inability to cope, feelings of low self-worth and poor confidence.

A good counsellor will help challenge these thoughts, help you understand the origin and work with you to develop coping strategies.

We offer counselling to improve emotional health, either on a 1:1 basis or in small group therapy sessions.

Small groups are usually up to four individuals with one counsellor. This concept already exists within our company and is called Emotionally Fit.

Our counsellors, can visit your place of work, provide 1:1 counselling or small group therapy, but we also offer online, Skype or telephone counselling.

Alternatively, local business can use our facilities within our Loughborough clinic, for either 1:1 counselling or group therapy.

If you would like to know more about this service please email or call 01509 437765