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Health at Work

Recent figures show that absenteeism costs UK business’s £29bn per year – that’s an average of 9.1 days per person per year, twice as much as the US and four times as much as Asia.

Stress-associated illnesses account for a huge number of sick days, and many of these can be avoided if employers take the time to provide options for health improvement.

Active Aims provides:

  • Musculoskeletal workshops – Avoid and rehabilitate injuries associated with repetitive movements or sedentary work stations.
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  • Physical health – a brief lifestyle analysis for your employees, complete overview of health behaviours, body composition and movement patterns.
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  • Personal trainers – helping to provide safe and effective exercise programming for your employees.
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  • Counselling – for you and your employees, stress can be held responsible for millions of days lost at work. Help your employees manage their stress and become healthier, happier and more productive.
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