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Exercise and Fitness Programs: Downloads

We have a range of exercise programmes to suit your workout environment – choose from Outdoor, Indoor or Gym programmes.

You can then choose a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level for each programme. If you are not sure of your level please first take a look at the Exercise Charts to see where your current level of fitness might be.

What’s included:

With each download, you get an Exercise Programme, which is a progressive 3 week exercise plan, as well as a Progression Diary & a Stretches workout. Your files will be delivered in a single .zip format, to save to your computer for reference or to print out.

For mobile or tablet users, be sure to check your downloads (locations vary), and ensure that you have a PDF viewer app on your device. Alternatively send the pdf’s via email to your phone account and open on your phone, quick, easy and mobile friendly.

Should you encounter any problems then please email

Gym Workouts

Beginner Gym Programme

Price: £2.50 (.PDF)

Indoor Workouts

Outdoor Workout Programmes