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January Scales

Christmas isn’t just a drain on monetary finances, the jovial sprit (in the form of alcohol) and endless food costs us lots of extra pounds on the scales.

Don’t you just hate squeezing into jeans that fit just right a couple of months ago or looking at that newly formed muffin top. For the boys it’s so disheartening to see those pecs heading towards Lasenza rather than to the latest show me your body vest top.

Add these two sentences together and its a bleak… I need to lose weight but Im skint syndrome!

Heres where we can help, Active Aims launched “Fit Friends” small group personal training, in our large exclusive personal training studio Loughborough.

This is 4 people to one personal trainer, we provide everything you need to get your body in shape – here are a few reasons why you might want to join Fit Friends:

  • Unlimited small group personal training sessions, 40 to choose from every week.
  • All sessions are themed, varied and changed every month – you can always find what you are looking for.
  • Your personal trainer will ensure your technique, weights and intensity are right for you.
  • You will get pushed, but we know when to ease off.
  • You keep on track with regular weigh ins, fat percentage, lean tissue checks.
  • You get access to free group counselling therapy again 4 people one counsellor.
  • We have 2 weekly tea and talk sessions, just so you can get it off your chest. Or we have 4 week themed sessions which include relationship counselling, stress and anxiety, self esteem and bereavement. Our counsellor is fully qualified and relate trained.
  • You can book nutritional consultations and order freshly prepared meals ready and waiting for you to pick up after your workout.
  • Shower and changing room

We are giving the first 30 people an amazing deal. 30% discount plus a further 50% off your first month £30 then just £60 / month, for a minimum of 3 months. (No long contracts)

Heres the best deal, we will honour your £60 membership for as long as you are a member, so if you don’t take a break or stop it at any time then £60 is the fee you will always pay. Our normal membership is £84, which if you take a look at our competition is still an excellent deal (small group personal training in Loughborough can cost as much as £229/ month).

Will you be one of our first 30?? 

Email or call 01509 437765 and get your health and fitness plan on track.

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