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Developing Emotional Fitness

Exercise can be a great stress relief – but it’s important to be able to cope outside of the gym, too.

With a similar concept to our FIT Friends sessions, Emotionally FIT brings together four individuals and one counsellor with specific four-week programs to boost your mood, wellness and resilience.

Our first two courses to launch, running this November and December, focus upon stress & anxiety and grief.

Anxiety & Stress FIT sessions take a deep look at what is causing you stress, how you’re currently coping, and what things you can try to improve your quality of life. With guided self-care and a confidential, supportive environment comprised of others struggling with similar issues, this course will leave you feeling mentally refreshed.

Struggling with grief? We also have a grief FIT course starting to assist you with the specific circumstances surrounding grief and bereavement. Again, you can be confident that you are speaking to others who feel similar to you, and that everybody present is also trying to feel better. We can never choose when it comes to grief, but we can help ourselves to deal with distressing situations in healthier ways.

Not sure which session type to pick? Come along to a Tea & Talk session, where you can have an informal chat with a counsellor alongside a cuppa. These sessions are a great way to get things off your chest so that you can gain some clarity as to what you should work on next.

Our tea & talk sessions are available at the following times:

Monday 9.30am / Tuesday 11.30am / Wednesday 7.30pm / Thursday 5.30pm / Friday 10am

Feeling better in your mind will also carry forth benefits to your body. Feeling more in control, having confidence and respect for yourself and coping with life in a sustainable way will help you to keep up with any fitness goals you have too. We really feel that emotional and physical fitness go hand in hand – so all FIT Friends members get unlimited access to our Emotionally FIT courses as well. Why not come along before or after one of your fitness classes?

With different time slots to suit your availability, Emotionally FIT is providing you with an approachable way to make a positive change linking to all areas of your life. One deliberate hour per week of focusing upon your mental wellbeing for four weeks could be the best gift you could give yourself in time for Christmas.

Take a look at our Emotionally FIT page on the website for more information on the specific sessions and how you can book:


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