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Golf Specific Fitness training in Loughborough

When Tiger Woods hit the golf scene in 1996, he and his team emphasised the need for physical conditioning.

Physical conditioning is primarily concerned with improving golfing performance by enhancing physical attributes like, balance, flexibility, power, core strength, and endurance.

Improving your golf swing

Sports specific fitness is addressed by breaking down the core physical components of performance. When we do this to the golf stance and swing we can see the need to address the ball in a stable position, with good posture. The club is then taken behind the body in a steady controlled back swing; the physical implication is a separation of the upper and lower body, including flexibility of the shoulders, back, elbows and wrists.

The downward swing is fluid and smooth but quicker, the club comes through the ball and follows through well behind the shoulders. Here we need gluteal strength/ power, core stability, shoulder flexibility, core strength and balance.

This game is long in duration and the amateur golfer is required to repetitively swing their club roughly between 80 – 130 times during a round of 18 holes; they also cover a distance of 6 – 7 miles. Physically, we now have to consider that our golfer requires both strength endurance (the ability to repeat an exercise with the same muscle groups many times) and cardiovascular endurance (the ability for the heart, lungs and blood tissue to deliver oxygen to working muscles)

Highlighted in the text above are the core elements to develop an effective fitness programme – we now need to think about exercises that will enhance the golfers physical performance not hinder it.

Planes of motion

The golfer’s swing uses both the upper and lower body – this is a transverse plane, therefore exercise prescription will include rotational exercises.

However a complete programme includes exercises in all three planes of motion. 

Exercise programming should consider different variations and speed of the same exercise, this ensures that muscles groups become efficient and effective during each phase of the golf swing.

Active Aims are a Loughborough-based exercise and fitness clinic. Our Personal Trainers help with rehabilitation and weight loss training for life, work and sport.

Here is how you can access golf specific personal training and programmes:

1. We provide 1:1 golf specific personal training at our Loughborough studio.

Barbell oblique and shoulder rotation 2. Online personal training is a fantastic way to get personalised programme prescription to workout in a location of your choice or workout with a friend.

3. Ready-made golf programmes are available from our digital downloads page.

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