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Loughborough Personal Training Studio

The gym provides a perfect space for personal training, it is fully equipped to ensure that all exercise prescription can be delivered effectively and efficiently.

  1. Your initial assessment is a combination of physical tests which help us to understand your functional ability – this provides us with some idea of what type of exercise prescription will be correct for you.
  2. You will also need to have some idea of what you would like to achieve, whether this is rehabilitation, performance-based or improving image, weight loss, enhancing confidence, or physical function – your personal goal helps us to design a unique programme prescription.

All exercise programmes are stimulating and progress at your pace. This ensures that you can see the results you are achieving.

By frequently changing exercise programmes or completing different exercises, two or three times per week, enhances progression and stops boredom.

Exercise and Fitness: Dumbbells and Discs

Dumbbells range in size from 1kg – 20kg, the range of exercises which can be performed using dumbbells is huge. Free weight exercises are a fitness professional’s preferred way to train, as lifting with the correct technique develops the muscles quickly. Free weight dumbbell exercises allow both sides of the body to perform the exercise using the same resistance. This means that you gain strength throughout each muscle group equally on both sides. Balanced muscles help prevent injury during sport and everyday living.

Exercise and Fitness: The Cage!

This piece of equipment offers variety to any exercise programme. Lateral pulldown, close gip pull down, seated row, plus a range of pull up bars offers a facility for a great back workout. Catcher bars for squats, chest press and shoulder press, provide safety when performing free weight exercises. Workout bands hook into place to assist anybody who can almost do pull ups. Bars drop to appropriate levels so that press-ups can be monitored an performed safely and effectively. Whether you are young or old, working out using your own body resistance is effective and helps you to work towards functioning optimally. Those who require more weight to enhance their own strength, we have an Olympic bar and 145kg of disc weight. Our gym has now been extended and includes extra free weights, benches, bars and a spin bike.

Exercise and Fitness: TRX bands

This piece of equipment is a sturdy, multi-functional, simple (but effective) bit of kit, which can provide you with a whole body work out on its own. We use the TRX band in a number of ways; either as part of a beginners programme or advanced workout, it offers variety and progression to any exercise programme. Intensity is added when body positioning is changed, the closer your body is to the ground the harder the exercise. Balance is essential for everyone, the TRX provides support and a range of exercises which improves body balance and muscle strength.

Exercise and Fitness: Other workout equipment

We also use, steps, balance boards, a selection of bands, boxing gloves and mitts, press-up discs, skipping ropes, swiss balls and simple mat work. Additionally we use the canal as part of our cardio equipment, so no more boring runs on the treadmill! Charnwood Forest is also our play ground and those who prefer to work out side we are happy to work with you in this fun environment. Charnwood is fabulous for hill training, power walking, jogging or sprinting, a particular favourite of mine is out door circuits. Whatever your level of training and whatever your age we can provide personal training to meet your requirements. To book your personal training call Active Aims on Loughborough (01509) 218700 or mobile 07973 782 647.