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Personal Trainers at our Loughborough Clinic

Choosing a personal trainer shouldn’t be a dilemma and whilst most trainers will provide you with a free consultation, it is important that you feel comfortable, because you may have to spend at least an hour with them every week – depending on your goals.

What to expect when you visit Active Aims Personal Trainers

We will listen carefully to you about what you want to achieve. Your personal exercise prescription will be based on this information.

During your free consultation we will ask you to perform a physical assessment – this will help us both to understand your current muscle balance and discover any muscles which are out of balance. Muscles which are out of balance need to be treated prior to any exercise performance, otherwise you could end up with an injury.

Examples of what we look for are: posture alignment during movement, foot alignment in a standing position, leg alignment during several phases of a squat, plus arm, shoulder and spine alignment.

It is common in today’s environment to develop muscle imbalances and poor posture, due to sitting down for long periods of time, performing repetitive movements, or if high heels are worn on a regular basis. If it is apparent that some of your muscles are stronger than their opposing ones (causing a muscle imbalance), then we would start any type of exercise prescription with a corrective exercise programme to eliminate the imbalance.

To make the most of your personal training, there are some questions it might be worth considering, so that you can discuss these during your consultation:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • How long do you envisage working with your personal trainer?
  • Where would you like your training sessions to take place?
  • There maybe aspects of a personal training regime which you could feel uncomfortable with, these should be discussed.

Avoiding Injury

Active Aims’ personal trainers make it a priority to ensure that your experience is positive, and professional, and we always take your wellbeing into account. If you decide that you would like to use our practice, then you will need to complete a ‘PAR Q’ and take some initial statistics which include: height, weight fat percentage, lean mass, blood pressure and pulse.

Flexibility is also part of all exercise programming. Gaining the normal range of flexibility through your muscles helps to increase range of movement at each joint and reduce risks of injury to both muscle, tendon and joints.

All of Active Aims’ personal trainers are well qualified in exercise physiology, fitness, corrective exercise, performance enhancement specialist and psychological coaching.

To find more about the best qualified personal trainers in Loughborough call (01509) 218700 or 07973 782 647.