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About Active Aims

Active Aims’ History

Established in 2002, Active Aims was originally an extension of ‘Dynamics’ – Di Fisher’s personal training business. The objective of Active Aims was to incorporate a number of different branches of health, fitness and wellbeing.

This vision included sports-specific education, improving business performance, health at work and specialist exercise programming.

Writing and accrediting educational material for new training programmes provided an opportunity to become involved with the latest design of sports equipment. Two examples were ‘The Power Bag’ and Footsport UK. The Power bag is widely used for sports-specific training programmes; and Footsport, now based in La Manga, is the chosen method of agility training for professional tennis players.

In 2004, Active Aims recruited sports psychologists and developed performance programmes for businesses. Using sporting analogies and sports psychology, we were able to help teams to perform more efficiently and effectively at higher levels. Topics addressed were primarily dependant on the outcome of an original performance analysis; although common themes for all teams seemed to relate to performance under pressure, stress management, mental attributes and wellbeing.

In 2006, Active Aims developed further, to work for the public sector within the borough of Haringey. We delivered a project called ‘Libraries for Health, Libraries for Life’ – the objective to design a comprehensive health and well-being programme using the nine libraries of Haringey as the centres. The projected developed at a rapid rate, recruiting main health bodies such as the Stroke Association and MacMillian Cancer. Additionally, the local NHS provided the libraries with sexual health teams, mental health teams, smoking cessation, and counselling for drug and alcohol abuse.

Local community funding was also used to deliver ‘back to work’ initiatives, free exercise classes, walking programmes and health checks. In short, the libraries boasted an extensive health and well-being facility, and by 2009 23,000 community members per year were using this service.

Corporate client base includes:

Boots, Royal Mail, Haringey Council, EXF fitness, Foot Sport Dynamics, True Story, William Davis construction.

Currently we deliver a large rehabilitation programme to Siemens, throughout the country. The workshops are designed to give employees an understanding of muscular skeletal disorders and how to manage issues that occur from repetitive movements.

Health, Well-being and Performance is Active Aims’ business; in 2012 we moved location to be situated in the heart of Loughborough.

To date we have a large personal training studio and have developed a new concept ‘Fit Friends” a fun sociable, cost effective way of working with a personal trainer to reach your health and fitness goals.

We offer:

1:1 Personal Training

1:2 Personal Training (Fit buddies)

1:4 Personal Training (Fit Friends)