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Active Aims – Health, Fitness & Exercise Specialists Loughborough

Active Aims has been established since 2002, we are based in Loughborough and our business is health, wellbeing and performance solutions for life, work and sport.

Everyone deserves to reach their potential, create a happy and balanced lifestyle, be free from illness and perform to the best of their ability no matter what age, gender or nationality.

The team at Active Aims works with individuals, athletes and organisations to agree and achieve their improvement goals.


If you would like to lose weight, generally improve your health and fitness, recover from injury or illness, are an older adult or even someone suffering from a health condition, Active Aims can work with you to ensure you achieve your targets.                         

Mindset plays a key role in achieving our ambitions, therefore we offer programmes which include mindset change, this is particularly useful for weight loss as well as improving performance, increasing confidence, managing stress, anxiety and extending your comfort zones.


Loughborough is renowned for its sport and we are proud to work with athletes and teams from a variety of sports. Active Aims offers   nutritional advice and plans, strength and conditioning, sports psychology, sports massage, physiotherapy, medical certification and pre-season training coaching for local sports clubs.


Active Aims  works with businesses to improve company and employee performance. Training packages include performance coaching, stress management, executive coaching, employee wellbeing workshops, health checks, first aid certification, medical checks and certification. Although we are based in Loughborough we will travel anywhere in the UK to provide many of these services.

Competitive businesses require employees to perform to a high standard however optimal performance is impossible to achieve if you are in poor health. To help promote health in your workplace we can provide healthy interactive websites, your team can post questions and get answers, each week we update the site with healthy food menu’s, tips on stress relief, activities and exercise programmes.

Take the time to browse our website, if you can’t find what you are looking for then please call Loughborough (01509) 218700 or email di@activeaims.co.uk mobile 07973 782 647



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