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Active Aims offers a wide range of support for personal health, fitness and exercise – starting with you and your goals. Whether you are recovering from injury or illness, an older adult or suffering from a health condition, Active Aims can work with you to tailor a solution for achieving your targets.
Active Aims help people in their personal, sporting and work life and has developed services tailored to improve your working performance within your team and individually.
Working with athletes and teams from a variety of sports, Active Aims offers nutritional advice and plans, strength and conditioning, sports psychology, sports massage, coaching for extreme challenges and a community of local sports clubs.

Active Aims – Health, Fitness & Exercise Specialists Loughborough

Active Aims has been established since 2002, we are based in Loughborough and our business is health, wellbeing and performance solutions for life, work and sport.

A fully equipped gym, personal training studio, physiotherapy and sports massage clinics, help to provide a hands on approach to improving the physical performance of all of our clients.

Health checks, functional assessments and psychological coaching are offered within the comfortable surrounding of our coaching clinic.

Everyone deserves to reach their potential, create a happy and balanced lifestyle, be free from illness and perform to the best of their ability no matter what age, gender or nationality.

Onsite Personal Training and Coaching

If you would like to lose weight, improve your health and fitness, get fit for an event or sport then we design personal programme prescription and the encouragement to help you reach your goals.

Alternatively we provide holistic corrective exercise and recovery programmes for injury, poor posture, muscle imbalance and reoccurring joint injuries. Finally strength training is not just for the avid gym goer, for older adults it is the single most important type of exercise you can do, leg and upper body strength helps older adults stay independent for longer. 

Mindset plays a key role in achieving our ambitions, therefore we offer programmes which include mindset change, this is particularly useful for weight loss as well as improving performance, increasing confidence, managing stress, anxiety and extending your comfort zones.

Every individual is assessed prior to commencing a personal training programme, we ensure that your physical function (posture, muscle balance and body alignment ) is fully understood prior to prescribing an personal exercise or training plan.

 Online Personal Training and Coaching

Golf Specific Fitness Training

Golf, often deemed a sport to take up when you are older…MYTH!! Golf requires several components of fitness, which often deteriorate in the older adult.

18 holes of golf uses an average of 650 calories for a male and 450 for a female. Maybe not a huge calorie burn when compared to some other sports, but golf is dynamic so our golfer golf-swingrequires balance, stability, power, core strength, endurance strength and a huge amount of flexibility.

Golf specific fitness training will help take you to a new level of your game. Whilst we can’t help with the technicalities of your game (you will need your professional golf coach to help you with this aspect) we can help you to improve drive distance and cardiovascular fitness. This is especially helpful during the summer months when golfers may play several times per week.

All golf fitness programmes exercise are prescribed according to the individual. Initial tests include assessing current level of fitness, posture and gait, muscle balance, flexibility, core strength, power and strength endurance.

Golf fitness programmes can also be delivered online as well as 1:1 personal training, group sessions may also be available through your club if facilities are available.

Take the time to browse our website, if you can’t find what you are looking for then please call Loughborough (01509) 218700 or email di@activeaims.co.uk mobile 07973 782 647.



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